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In an era where large law firms are the norm, we take exception to that trend. Our small size is our strength. We operate in specialist niche areas unhampered by bureaucratic delay and the multiplicity of matters in a general practice.

As a result, we are a nimble and flexible practice able to provide personal and prompt service to our clients. We are able to ensure an extremely high degree of confidentiality and personal service to each client. In addition, we are able to respond by telephone conference, written advice and email in the shortest possible time as required.

Because of the nature of our practice we are about to focus on anticipating client’s needs and requirements and to guide them accordingly. In this regard, we pride ourselves on being proactive. Much of our advisory work is focused on analyzing prospective transactions in order to guide them in a direction which ensures legal compliance with existing laws and/or the avoidance of exposure to legal challenge whether form the revenue, the regulatory authorities of financial institutions of the various stakeholders in the corporate and pension plan structures.

In the areas of law in which we specialize we bring to bear over 50 years accumulated experience both professional and academic.

We have acted as Counsel for one side or the other over the past 30 years. Some insight into the work we have done can be found here.

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