Practice Areas

Misc. Areas of Interest

In addition to the specialist areas outlined above, our Office has also from time to time been involved in the following areas:

  1. Land disputes
    Involving such important decisions as Bidaisse v Sampath; Caroni (1975) Limited v Murray; Emile Elias Limited v Pine Groves Limited.
  2. Intellectual Property and Copyright
    The rights of cable operators to transmit the 1996 Olympic Games to the viewing public in Trinidad and Tobago.
  3. Unfair Competition – Pharmtech Caribbean v R.K. Import Trading
    (Claim under the protection Against Unfair Competition Act, 1996 in respect of the importation of pharmaceuticals by a company without obtaining approval form health authorities and the Pharmacy Board; case required the interpretation of the term “unfair competition”; Injunction granted).
  4. International Arbitration – Desalcott v WASA
    (Arbitration on the interpretation of clauses in a Water Sale Agreement; specifically, price adjustment and a liquidated damages claim for delays in construction of a desalination plan; Award made in favour of Claimant).
  5. Fraud – WASA v Desalcott
    (Claim by WASA that Water Sale Agreement procured by fraud and corrupt payment)
  6. Fraud – Five Star v Ann Huggins
    (Claim of serious breach of fiduciary duties; equitable fraud; agent debarred from recovering commission due to serious breach of fiduciary duties)
  7. Interception of Communication
    (Advised Telecommunications provider on its obligations under the Interception of Communication Act after requests had been made for data)

International Consultancies

The head of the Law Offices has undertaken a number of Consultancies for well known International institutions for more than a decade. Among those Consultancies are:-

  1. United Nations Economic Commission For Latin America – “Developmental aspects of general insurance in the Caribbean” (1987).
  2. United Nations Centre for Transnational Corporations - “Guidelines for the negotiation of double tax treaties for the OECS countries” (1990).
  3. Caribbean Law Institute Model Insurance Legislation for the Commonwealth Caribbean.
  4. Inter American Development Bank:-
    i. part of a team advising on the restructuring of the Agricultural Development Bank of Trinidad and Tobago.
    ii. Co-counsel advising on the new Insurance Act for Jamaica.

Special Projects

Desalination Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (“DESALCOTT”). Our Office was responsible for forming and naming the special purpose company created for implementing the Desalination Project at Point Lisas in Trinidad. In addition, we have been responsible for coordinating, doing and guiding all the legal work both locally and internationally required for implementation for this project.