The Governance of State Enterprises in Trinidad & Tobago

Over the past 30 years one of the most outstanding aspects of corporate law in Trinidad and Tobago has been the continuing failure of successive governments to either appreciate or acknowledge that there is a distinction between State Enterprises which are companies incorporated under the Companies Act as opposed to State Enterprises which are Statutory Corporations established by an Act of Parliament.

Decision of the Privy Council in Appeal Commissioners v. Bank of Nova Scotia

Bank of Nova Scotia Wins in the Privy Council

The Bank of Nova Scotia prevailed in the Privy Council when the Board dismissed the Appeal by the Government of Grenada against the decision of the Court of Appeal of Grenada. 

It will be recalled that the case involved a dispute as to whether withholding tax was payable on payments made by the Grenadian branch of the bank to its head office in Canada by way of reimbursement of expenses.  

The Scope of Withholding Tax

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